Test Results


Art.–Nr. TS-PL-04

TS Ploessl 4mm



Fine for a 4mm eyepiece. Our measurement system is diffraction limited at this focal length to about 1.4 arc minutes.


x-axis: distance from optical axis in °, y-axis: resolution in arc minutes


Apparent Field of View:

The apparent field of view is approx. 46°



Very good for 4mm focal length.



Nothing noticeable.


Eye Relief:

Very short eye relief because of the short focal length. Viewing the complete field of view is not possible without looking into the eyepiece under different angles – or fold the rubber eye cup.


Mechanical Quality:

Simple, but not bad. Unfortunately no blackened filter thread.



Great for planetary observations. Just beaten by the Pentax XO – but this is clearly another League in price.