Test Results


Art.–Nr. TS-WA-32-2Zoll

TS Wide Angle 32mm



Very good sharpness, resolution just a little bit less close to the edge.

x-axis: distance from optical axis in °, y-axis: resolution in arc minutes


Apparent Field of View:

The apparent field of view is approx. 66°, in agreement with the manufacturer data.



Very good contrast.



Slight cushion distortion.


Eye Relief:

Comfortable. You just need some practice to find the correct distance, which shows the complete field of view at a time.


Mechanical Quality:

Nice quality with foldable rubber eye cup and grip coated body. A barrel recess is missing.



A highly recommendable 2-inch eyepiece, which also at F/5 allows to use about 70% of the field of view without aberration. The apparent field of view is impressive in dark sky observations.