How to Choose an Eyepiece


We have established the following pages to help you for your selection of suitable eyepieces:


Basic Formulas – Here you will find basic math’s to calculate magnification, field of view, exit pupil, useful maximum magnification etc.


Eyepiece Types – We show you the construction of different eyepieces like Plössl, orthoscopic, Nagler etc. Additionally we tell you a little bit about their inherent pros and cons.


Quality Criteria – What makes an eyepiece a good one? Find information about the quality and learn about our test methods, which we describe here in detail.


Pre-Selection – Which eyepiece for what purpose and for what telescope? What are the quality differences between cheap and expensive eyepieces?


Useful Combinations – Which eyepieces do you need?


Other Measurements - Find a selection of measurements of other eyepieces, including stuff added to a 49€-telescope.


On our product pages you will find information about the measurements we have carried out on each eyepiece. If you have made your pre-selection, you can use tour results to choose the eyepiece of your favorite manufacturer.