Test Results


Art. –Nr. SKY-LE-02

Skywatcher Long Eye Relief 2mm



The sharpness diagram nearly doesn’t make sense at all at this short focal length. Our measurement system is limited by diffraction to about 2.5 arc minutes at 2mm focal length. This eyepiece is not worse - that is all we can tell here.


x-axis: distance from optical axis in °, y-axis: resolution in arc minutes


Apparent Field of View:

Field of view is approx. 39°.



Not really good, but acceptable for 2mm focal length.



Noticeable cushion distortion. Chromatic errors: colored fringes.


Eye Relief:

Very comfortable.


Mechanical Quality:

Good quality with rubber eye guard, grip coated body.



How to rate a 2mm eyepiece? For nearly each optical system a magnification is reached, at which blurring of the eyepiece itself does not play a role any more. So this is useful for anyone who is willing to work with such a focal length.