Test Result


Art. –Nr. SKY-Zoom-8-24

Skywatcher Zoom 8 – 24mm



Very good at 8mm, also close to the edge. At 24mm just a bit more than half of the field of view is really sharp, close to the edge (10% of field of view) is blurry.


x-axis: distance from optical axis in °, y-axis: resolution in arc minutes



Apparent Field of View:

The apparent field of view is approx. 64° at 8mm, but to be viewed in total only if you move your head. At 24mm is is going down to 36° only.



Very good contrast over the complete zoom range.



Pincushion distortion is noticeable at 24mm and somewhat less at 8mm.


Eye Relief:

Comfortable. At long focal length the field of view is moving in the outer parts when turning the head. This effect is normally known from Kellner-type eyepieces.


Mechanical Quality:

Nice quality with foldable rubber eye cup and grip coated body. However, the zoom mechanics has a little bit of play.



Contrary to most zoom eyepieces the optical drawbacks of this zoom are in the long focal range. At short focal length you get a nice wide angle eyepiece with really good optical performance.