About Purchasing Eyepieces


Buying eyepieces needs good advice. You can choose between hundreds of eyepieces, and especially beginners are often overcharged if they would like to make a well-founded decision for or against a special eyepiece. Have I to spend 30€ or 300€ for a good eyepiece?

Is this need for good advice not in contradiction to placing an order for eyepieces by internet?


I do not think so. Especially for astronomical eyepieces you need to get reliable information about the product, but this does not necessarily mean that you have to have a personal consultation.


On these web pages I therefore have placed some helpful information for choosing eyepieces. You will find everything necessary to make a pre-selection at first (“what do I need in principle?”), and, to come to a final decision, you may have a look on our test results for each eyepiece. You will find these test results on our product pages. We do not rely on manufacturers technical information and data, but try to measure and judge by ourselves. We perform measurements of the apparent field of view and of the sharpness of the eyepieces image. The measurement method is described in the section “Quality Criteria”. Moreover, we try to add our own impressions on “smooth” criteria like contrast, mechanical quality, distortion etc.

I would like to point out here that we do not perform what you could call “scientific” measurements. Our goal was to establish a method which is simple, but suitable to compare different eyepieces, and which is a little bit more impartial than “had a look through this eyepiece - it was really great”.


Find it helpful? Think that testing eyepieces without telescope is like testing a plane in a flight simulator? However - give us a feedback. It will help to improve these pages.