Test Results


Art. –Nr. RE-UWA-20

Ultra Wide Angle 20mm



Very good at the center, just a little bit worse to the edge.

x-axis: distance from optical axis in °, y-axis: resolution in arc minutes


Apparent Field of View:

Our measurement gives 72° - somewhat less than the manufacturer data.



Very good contrast.



Slight cushion distortion, slight field curvature.


Eye Relief:

Comfortable viewing distance, but the Barlow element leads to blackouts, if not viewing at the optical axis.


Mechanical Quality:

Simple, but good quality with rubber eye guard, grip coated body. Fully multicoated and blackened inside.



This is the same eyepiece as the 30mm UWA, just the Barlow element has been added. Edge performance is enhanced therefore. The Barlow element is removable and can be used on other 2”-eyepieces also – just screw into the filter thread. For this multi-functionality (30mm + 20mm + Barlow-element) a very reasonable price.