Self Imported


Our direct imports from China – Really attractive prices for medium quality.


The Wide Angle series



Fully Multicoated (15 and 20mm), multicoated (6 and 9mm, 15mm), blackened lens edges


Focal length:

6 – 9 – 15 – 20 mm


Apparent field of view: 66°


Barrel size: 1,25“


Eye relief 13 to 17mm


rubber eye cap






That is the starter wide angle series! Great price-performance-ratio. Comfortable eye relief and fine optical performance. 15mm ist available multicoated (-MC) or fully multicoated (-FMC).


The eyepieces one by one


Art.-Nr.: RE-WW-06-MC


Price: 29.90 €


Wide Angle 6mm


Sold out! Will be available about end of January again!

Art.-Nr.: RE-WW-09-MC


Price: 29.90 €


Wide Angle 9mm



Art.-Nr.: RE-WW-15-FMC


Price: 34.90 €


Art.-Nr.: RE-WW-15-MC


Price: 27.90 €



Wide Angle 15mm



Art.-Nr.: RE-WW-20-FMC


Price: 34.90 €


Wide Angle 20mm






The SWA-series




Fully Multicoated


Foacl length:

10 –15 – 20 – 26 – 32 – 38 mm


Apparent field of view: 70°


Barrel size: 1.25“ (10. 15 and 20mm)


and 2“  (26. 32. 38mm)


5 lenses in 4 groups (10. 15. 20. 32mm)




5 lenses in 3 groups (26. 38mm)


Eye relief:

10mm (10mm focal length)

13mm (15mm focal length)

16mm (20mm focal length)

20mm (26mm focal length)

24mm (32mm focal length)

28mm (38mm focal length)


rubber coated body. rubber eye cap




A well manufactured series of super wide angle eyepieces. For the 1.25” eyepieces the apparent field of view with very good image quality is bigger than the whole field of Plossl eyepieces – and that for equal prices. Edge performance can be enhanced by using a Barlow lens. We recommend our short achromatic Barlow together with the 1.25”-eyepieces. Please consider the resulting shorter focal length when using the Barlow.

The 2” eyepieces are our recommendation for panoramic view eyepieces for telescopes not faster than F/6 – hard to find better value for the money.


The eyepieces one by one:


Art.-Nr.: RE-SWA-10


Price 39.00€


Super Wide Angle 10mm


test result



Art.-Nr.: RE-SWA-15


Price 44.00€


Super Wide Angle 15mm


test result



Art.-Nr.: RE-SWA-20


Price 49.00€


Super Wide Angle 20mm


test result



Art.-Nr.: RE-SWA-26


Price 69.00€


Super Wide Angle 26mm


test result



Art.-Nr.: RE-SWA-32


Price 74.00€


Super Wide Angle 32mm


test result



Art.-Nr.: RE-SWA-38


Price 79.00€


Super Wide Angle 38mm


test result





The UW-series




Fully Multicoated


Focal length:

11 –15 – 20 – 30 mm


Apparent field of view: 80°


Barrel size: 1.25“ (11mm)


and 2“  (15. 20. 30mm)


5 lenses in 3 groups (11. 30mm)


6 lenses in 4 groups (15mm)


7 lenses in 4 groups (20mm)


rubber coated body. rubber eye cap




Solidly manufactured ultra wide angles. Please do not expect TeleVue quality, but the optical performance is not bad, especially for telescopes with focal ratio above F/6. The 20mm eyepiece is identical to the 30mm one, but has an additional Barlow-element, which can be unscrewed. Therefore you can use this eyepiece to cover both 20 and 30mm focal length.


The eyepieces one by one:


Art.-Nr.: RE-UW-11


Price 59.00€


Ultra wide angle 11mm


test result



Art.-Nr.: RE-UW-15


Price 79.00€


Ultra wide angle 15mm


test result



Art.-Nr.: RE-UW-20


Price 109.00€


Ultra wide angle 20mm


test result



Art.-Nr.: RE-UW-30


Price 85.00€


Ultra wide angle 30mm


test result






The Color Filters


Our color filters are made from metal and glass and do have two threads for combining filters. The free glass diameter is about 26mm. Optical quality is just perfect, loss of sharpness is practically invisible. You do not to have to pay more for your color filters! Fit into 1.25” eyepieces.


Art.-Nr.: RE-FF-1.25“


Price 9.90€


Color filters 12 colors


Top left to right:

red, light red, orange, light yellow, yellow, yellow-green


Bottom left to right:

Light green, green, light blue, dark blue, blue, violet


Please add the color when ordering!


Special prices for sets::


3 colors of your choice: 27.90€


Set of 12 colors: 99.00€