Test Results


Art. –Nr. RE-UWA-30

Ultra Wide Angle 30mm



Very good at the center, somewhat worse to the edge.

x-axis: distance from optical axis in °, y-axis: resolution in arc minutes


Apparent Field of View:

Our measurement gives 72° - somewhat less than the manufacturer data.



Very good contrast.



Noticeable cushion distortion and field curvature.


Eye Relief:

Not even huge, but comfortable viewing distance.


Mechanical Quality:

Simple, but good quality with rubber eye guard, grip coated body. Fully multicoated and blackened inside.



This is a very low-priced 80° panoramic eyepiece. At F/5 you will find 50 to 60% of the field in very good image quality, up to the edges “comet tails” become prominent. The field curvature is obviously contrary to that of a Schmidt-Cassegrain, which makes this eyepiece especially recommendable for these type of telescopes. This eyepiece is known as “BW30” or “Moonfish” also.